The Nex Agency is a digital marketing agency with offices in Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.  Since 2000, we've design brands for startups, enterprises, and eminent brands around the world. We help build better business through creating emotions through design and production.

With over 22 years of experience in brand development, design, strategy and advertising, our company creates solutions to complex branding challenges by combining strategy and creativity in equal measure.

What's Nex ?

Nex Agency is not the average marketing agency, we believe your brand could be the next big thing. It's a mindset, and we meditate, zone in and focus on thinking big for our clients. Whether that's social media influencers, musicians, entertainers, or sport athletes, we will create the hottest buzz and campaign strategy to boost your influence.

Our focus is business, entertainment, and sports. We focus on the creative side of building the best solutions for your brand's visibility and audience engagement. Some calls us nerds, but now we're known as creatives.

Our mission is to streamline services compiled with the right strategy, consultation, and execution. We leverage the latest technologies to measurably deliver futuristic solutions that improve your online business presence and maximize ROI.

Offering a variety of high-end digital experiences

We create digital experiences like website, mobile apps, video content, product photography, and develop brands to help tell their stories through creative marketing.

We started with a small office in Atlanta in 2000 and now have offices in New York, California, and Florida. Not only that, but we expanded with the needs of our clients, growing our teams, offices, and services offered.

Since our inception, we have embraced client growth with our innovative and exemplary web development, web designing, branding, and marketing services. We have helped to fuel business growth for 8k+ clients including startups, enterprises, and eminent brands.

Top Web Design - FWA Awards
Top Video - The Webby Awards
Best Web Design Companies - 10bestdesign
Site of the Year - awwwards
International Design Awards - Wix


We're an award-winning agency for top web design company, top website of the year, international design award and more. We have accomplished several achievements, but our number one goal is making our client's success far greater than our own.

Within 22 years, we have the design experience and expertise that help build some of the world's largest brands to date, but we don't like to call ourselves experts. We get amazing results for our clients and empower our clients to maintain growth and sustainability.

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